This All Encompassing Trip Book by Jason Leung

This All Encompassing Trip (Chasing Pearl Jam Around The World) by Jason Leung

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Jason Leung


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Sometimes our favorite band moves something in us that causes us to move. Literally. In This All Encompassing Trip, Jason Leung tells his story of becoming a Pearl Jam fan, and his subsequent fanatical journey through 13 countries to see 62 of the band’s shows.

A Canadian civil engineer with a comfortable life, Leung recounts his first travels in 2005 to go to all of the band’s shows in Canada. Along the way, he discovered a new family of fellow fans, sharing community over the incredible transformation that was taking place in their lives.

After that first taste in 2005, Leung abandoned his career to follow the band - this time, making it to every show on their 2006 world tour, all the way from Australia to Europe to America.

There are some fans who enjoy listening to music on their smartphones on their drive home from work. There are others who own all of our Pearl Jam vinyl records and spin them regularly. And then there’s the fanatics like Jason Leung, who give up everything to fully receive everything the band gives them. For a glimpse of the hero’s journey within the fanatic’s transformation, look no further than This All Encompassing Trip book.

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