Of Potato Heads and Polaroids Book by Mike McCready

Of Potato Heads and Polaroids: My Life Inside and Out of Pearl Jam by Mike McCready

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Mike McCready


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It’s been a long road for Pearl Jam, from their quick rise to superstardom in the early 90s, to their fast-paced world touring in the decades since. The band has brought together friends and family from all over the world to share in a culture that goes beyond the music.

In Of Potato Heads and Polaroids, Pearl Jam’s lead guitarist Mike McCready gives his own perspective on the rich tapestry that the band has woven over the years. He scrapbooks his view from the center of it all, documenting the steadily growing crowds; the eccentric friends, family, and culture; the countless meetings with other superstars; and artistic renditions on the nature surrounding it all.

Mike captures everything that Pearl Jam means, going beyond the music and capturing the band’s journey, evolution, and community. His perspective awakens a beautiful nostalgia that is sure to warm the hearts of Pearl Jam fans past, present, and future.

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