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    Adele - 25 Vinyl LP Reissue (88875176771)
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  • Adele - 30 Vinyl LP (19439937971)


    Adele - 30 Vinyl LP
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Buy New & Used Adele Vinyl

Hello, it’s me. Binaural Records is here with our selection of Adele vinyl, and we think they’d be perfect for Someone Like You.

Adele never meant to be a pop star; she expected to work in A&R, not as an artist herself. Instead, she became the most influential singer of her generation. Her tales of love and loss have helped millions through their own struggles, this writer included.

Where to start on Adele’s list of achievements? 15x Grammy Winner, four #1 hits on the Billboard charts, best performing Billboard 200 album of all time, fastest video on YouTube to a billion views, and an Oscar to boot. Yeah...she’s kind of a big deal.

Join the millions of others Rolling in the Deep with Adele. Rumour Has It heartbreak sounds better over vinyl, anyway.

More Than Just Adele Vinyl

Don’t let your love for Adele turn other artists into Water Under the Bridge. Check out other modern pop juggernauts on vinyl like Billie Eilish, Alanis Morissette, and Coldplay.

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