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    Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes Vinyl LP Reissue (23845-1)
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Milwaukee may best be known by some for their production beer, but they also have produced a band that you can enjoy day after day when you walk and play. Violent Femmes have been active on and off for over forty years as they’ve offered audiences a wide range of “American Music” that have included multiple radio hits. 

Since the release of their eponymous 1983 album, Violent Femmes have put out ten LPs and have been continuously praised by fans and critics; mainly for lead singer/songwriter Gordon Gano’s character-driven lyrics and their always riveting sound — which infused an array of genres into the bands folk-punk origins.

Listening to Violent Femmes can make it easy to strut your stuff, whenever you hear them playing you want to just check them out. Their sound draws influence from the Velvet Underground, Hank Williams, and contemporaries The Modern Lovers, all while having it’s own idiosyncratic touch. They’ve covered a lot of ground and keep us guessing on what will come next. 

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