Vinyl Vac 33 Combo Pack
Vinyl Vac 33 Combo Pack
Vinyl Vac 33 Combo Pack

Vinyl Vac 33 Combo Pack

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Vinyl Vac

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A combination of the Vinyl Vac 33 and a 1 oz. concentrated cleaner solution - everything you need to get ultra-clean, great sounding records!

Our cleaning solution is made specially for records. It doesn’t contain any alcohol, so it’s safe to use on all your vinyl. The cleaner will evenly fill all the grooves of your record and free up any dirt and grime that has accumulated.

Then, when you run the Vinyl Vac over your record’s grooves, it’ll extract any dirt, dust, or grime that was causing unwanted scratching, crackling, and hissing sounds.

Your records will sound good as new with Vinyl Vac products!

What Comes With Your Vinyl Vac 33 Combo

  • One Vinyl Vac 33
  • Two replacement velvet pads so that the Vac glides smoothly over your records
  • Two suction reducers to let you customize the Vac’s power
  • Two O-rings to connect the Vac to your vacuum hose
  • Felt washer to protect record labels
  • 1 oz. bottle of concentrated cleaner to mix with ½ gallon of water to create a vinyl cleaning solution solution

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