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Vinyl Styl 45 RPM Adapter 10 Pack

Vinyl Styl™ 45 RPM Adapter 10 Pack

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Vinyl Styl


45 RPM Records


10 Pack

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Buy one Vinyl Styl 45 RPM Adapter 10 Pack to protect your vinyl album cover.

If you're buying a new vinyl record to add to your collection, be sure to keep it safe with our Vinyl Styl 45 RPM Adapter 10 Pack.

This Vinyl Styl 45 RPM Adapter 10 Pack is very handful when needing to play singles or you are looking so save some time trying to track down that adapter that came with your turntable, these little marvels easily snap into the center of your favorite large hole 45 RPM record, and can be stored there permanently which makes playing them a breeze on any turntable. No tools required.

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