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If you don’t mind stealing bread, then this vinyl Temple of the Dog album should be right up your alley Jean Val Jean. And yes, there is only one album. When two supergroups merge together for only a few short weeks, the outcome is a giant musical tease. Temple of the Dog featured a cross pollination of band members from Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, prior to each group having their own successful breakthrough with the albums Superunknown and Ten.

Formed in Seattle as a tribute to the late Mother Love Bone frontman Andrew Wood, Temple of the Dog released their self-titled album in April of 1991 to little fanfare. It wasn’t until 1992, when Soundgarden and Pearl Jam both became alternative rock giants, that the album was reissued, landing a No. 5 position on the Billboard charts.

The legendary vocal collaboration between starving artists, Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell, produced their biggest selling hit, aptly titled “Hunger Strike.” So, if you feel like going hungry – don’t. Grab this classic grunge album instead. That might or might not be a direct quote from Mahatma Gandhi.