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  • Painted Shield - Painted Shield Vinyl LP (LGR0001LP2)


    Painted Shield - Painted Shield Vinyl LP (LGR0001LP2)
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Oh, how wonderful the digital age is. Painted Shield began as little more than an email chain between Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard and singer/songwriter Mason Jennings. Soon, PJ’s drummer Matt Chamberlain and Seattle keyboardist Brittany Davis hopped on to form the band. Their 2020 eponymous debut album was recorded and produced almost entirely virtually. Hopefully it doesn’t take another pandemic for a follow-up!

Check Painted Shield out to get a taste of how digital synth grooves can add a modern twist to funky electro-grunge. Mason’s ominous, dark vocals combine with catchy beats to form a heavy alt-pop hybrid that is completely unique. You’ll think that you stepped into a “Time Machine,” but where did it take you? The 80s? The 90s? The 2020s? The future? Ask the “Orphan Ghost” - he knows best.

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