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  • Anderson East - Alive in Tennessee Vinyl LP (587812-1)


    Anderson East Alive in Tennessee Vinyl LP for Sale
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  • Anderson East - Delilah Vinyl LP (5499101)


    Anderson East - Delilah Vinyl LP (5499101)
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    Anderson East - Encore Vinyl LP (563388-1)
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  • Anderson East - Maybe We Never Die Vinyl LP (1-655953)


    Anderson East - Maybe We Never Die Vinyl LP (1-655953)
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Combining soul, blues, pop, and jazzy warmth, Anderson East shines like the sun at the beginning of the morning. Steadily rising over the past decade, his smooth contemporary blues rock is always sure to “Satisfy Me” on a hot day.

Born in Alabama and relocating to (you guessed it) Nashville, East has been putting his beautiful records out since his debut album Closing Credits For A Fire in 2009. His voice has the perfect amount of raspy growl and melodic lightness to warm your heart on the coldest night. Combine it with clean guitar tones, keyboards, and heavy beats to get his unique sound. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted out of blues music.

“What Would It Take” to make you love Anderson East? Pick up one of our records today and let him be “King For A Day.” After that, I promise he’ll “Always Be [Your] Baby.”

More than Just Anderson East Records for Sale

Like the many blues rock greats before him, Anderson East’s legacy Too Shall Last. If you want to take a walk down memory lane with some other blues legends, Binaural Records has got you covered with records from Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, the Allman Brothers, and more.

Anderson East Vinyl & FAQs

Who is Anderson East?

Anderson East is the professional name for musician Michael Cameron Anderson, a soul and roots artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. He releases music on Low Country Sound, legendary producer Dave Cobb's imprint on Elektra. He's quietly established himself as a talented and beloved musician in the new country scene.

Where is Anderson East from?

Anderson East is originally from the small town of Athens, Alabama, and now resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

What genre is Anderson East?

East is a bit genre agnostic, but is connected to southern rock. He's known for combining R&B, soul, roots, and country music in his work.

Who are Anderson East's band members?

  • Backing Vocals – Alexis Saski, Whitney Coleman
  • Bass – Jon Murray
  • Drums – Darren Dodd
  • Guitar – Scotty Murray
  • Keyboards – Philip Towns
  • Lead Vocals – Anderson East
  • Producer – Anderson East, Beau Boggs
  • Saxophone – Nate Heffron
  • Trumpet – Ben Clark

What are Anderson East's top songs?

Anderson East broke out with his 2015 song "Satisfy Me" from his major label debut Delilah. Since, he's released he following tracks as singles: "Devil in Me," "All on My Mind," "Girlfriend," "This Too Shall Last," "Madelyn," "Drugs," and "Hood of My Car."

However, one of his biggest bangers is a cover of Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby," which he recorded at Sound Stage Nashville in 2018 for Spotify. Believe it or not, Anderson East does Mariah Carey some justice.

What was Anderson East's first album?

There are multiple answers to this question. Anderson East's first album, Closing Credits for a Fire, was self-released in 2009 under his real name Mike Anderson. Next, the first Anderson East album is called Flowers of the Broken Hearted, and was self-released in 2012. But the first major label Anderson East record, released on Dave Cobb's Low Country Sound imprint on Elektra, is called Delilah and released in 2015.