Pearl Jam's Vs. (33 1/3 Book Series) by Clint Brownlee

Pearl Jam's Vs. (33 1/3 Book Series) by Clint Brownlee

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Pearl Jam's Vs. (33 1/3 Book Series) by Clint Brownlee






Clint Brownlee

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About Pearl Jam's Vs. Book by Clint Brownlee

After their rapid rise to superstardom with their first record, Pearl Jam was in no-man’s land around 1992. The Seattle band's busy world touring schedule left little time to patiently create new music, yet the world excitedly awaited their next release. Would their quick fame flash and burn, or would their success fuel an unstoppable new creativity unlocked by the world touring scene?

Pearl Jam lead vocalist Eddie Vedder said that he was uncomfortable with how comfortable the band’s lives had so quickly become. To draw back to their original inspiration, he pushed himself to the limit, sleeping in a sauna or in San Francisco in his truck, for example. Drawing back to their roots, the band proceeded to record Vs. with their trademark raw power and sonic aggression.

Years later, Vs. by Clint Brownlee tells the tale of Pearl Jam’s struggle and ultimate success as they reconnected with their creative source to produce one of the greatest grunge records ever. It documents their personal journeys and group transformation as they solidified their reputation and blasted full-throttle into the future.

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