Pearl Jam: The More You Need - The Less You Get Book by Henrik Tuxen

Pearl Jam: The More You Need - The Less You Get by Henrik Tuxen

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Henrik Tuxen


Captain Kidd, 2018





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Pearl Jam never wanted an “official” biography, but they’ve always encouraged people to write about their experiences. Few authors have more intimate experiences with Pearl Jam’s music and culture than Henrik Tuxen, a Danish musician, journalist, and friend of the band since the 90s.

Pearl Jam: The More You Need - The Less You Get goes beyond your standard rock biographies. Tuxen’s long personal relationship with the band gives him unique perspectives on their personal lives as individuals, rather than as icons viewed from afar.

A native Dane, Tuxen goes into great detail as he offers his sentiments on the 2000 Roskilde incident during the band's Binaural tour, which tragically left nine fans dead at the Denmark music festival. Tuxen was by the side of the band the entire time, and soberly tells readers about how they were affected and forever changed. He also served as a liaison for the band with the families of the deceased, with a very personal, emotional story to tell of the disaster.

The More You Need - The Less You Get is the personal, intimate biography that chronicles Pearl Jam’s history not as musicians or superstars, but as individuals at the center of something incomprehensibly massive. As with all personal stories, it has the emotional swings of excitement, tragedy, and transformation, providing the most intricate details of the band’s rich history.

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