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Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Colorado Vinyl LP (093624898917)

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Vinyl LP


New, Mint

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1 12" Disc & 1 7" Disc

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Reprise Records

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This album is a 2019 reissue pressing of Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Colorado Vinyl LP (093624898917). What was their first album released in seven years, the legendary Neil Young and Crazy Horse, his longtime backing band, make the kind of cranky down-home grunge we’ve come to expect and love.

Still in its original packaging, the media of this Neil Young album is Brand New in Mint Condition. Album cover in Mint condition with no visible wear and tear. The album comes with both 1 12" LP disc, as well as 1 7" single disc.

This reissue pressing of Neil Young & Crazy Horse's Colorado Vinyl LP (093624898917) was released by Reprise Records.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Colorado Vinyl LP Track Listing

  1. Think Of Me
  2. She Showed Me Love
  3. Olden Days
  4. Help Me Lose My Mind
  5. Green Is Blue
  6. Shut It Down
  7. Milky Way
  8. Eternity
  9. Rainbow Of Colors
  10. I Do

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Colorado 7" Disc Track Listing

  1. Rainbow Of Colors (Solo - Live In Portland, May 17, 2019)
  2. Truth Kills

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