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Rush - A Show Of Hands Vinyl LP (B0022387-01)

Rush - A Show Of Hands Vinyl LP (B0022387-01)

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This album is a 2015 reissue pressing of the Rush - A Show of Hands Vinyl LP (B0022387-01). This album is new in Mint condition.

The A Show of Hands Vinyl LP continued a tradition that began more than a decade earlier⁠ — Rush followed the release of its 12th studio album with a live one. The album draws almost exclusively from the third chapter of Rush's life, 1982-89, stressing the notion that their newer material was just as important as their classics. Amazingly, Rush were able to reproduce their studio albums live without taking extra musicians on the road or playing along with sequencers. 

Originally released in 1989, this reissue pressing of Rush - A Show of Hands Vinyl LP was released by Anthem Records.

Rush - A Show of Hands Vinyl LP Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. The Big Money
  3. Subdivisions
  4. Marathon
  5. Turn The Page
  6. Manhattan Project
  7. Mission
  8. Distant Early Warning
  9. Mystic Rhythms
  10. Witch Hunt (Part III Of Fear)
  11. The Rhythm Method (Drum Solo)
  12. Force Ten
  13. Time Stand Still
  14. Red Sector A
  15. Closer To The Heart