Metallica’s Metallica  (33 1/3 Book Series) by David Masciotra

Metallica’s Metallica (33 1/3 Book Series) by David Masciotra

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David Masciotra


Bloomsbury Academic Publishing





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In 1991, Metallica released their fifth studio album that would become known and beloved around the world as “The Black Album.” Since its release, it has sold 30 million copies, and become a towering monument in the pantheon of rock's greatest records. Readers will get unprecedented insight into the story behind an iconic heavy metal album from one of the world's most iconic bands through interviews with James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, Jason Newsted, and “Black Album” producer Bob Rock.

In this 33 1/3 book, Masciotra takes readers into the recording studio, giving them Metallica's account of how their most successful and famous record was born and learned to walk into every radio station and stadium stage around the world. Masciotra not only talks to the band about the making of the album, but also the stories that inspired the songs. Readers will not only learn about Metallica's “The Black Album,” but they will also gain greater knowledge and familiarity with the men who created it.

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